Pictures from NUTCRACKER

Thank you

Rio Grande Valley schools for making our 46th anniversary student matinees of The Nutcracker a success! All 4 matinees are sold out! 

Rio Grande Valley Ballet is grateful to The Raul Tijerina Jr. Foundation for supporting it’s student matinees of The Nutcracker.

Welcome to The Nutcracker!
Hi! I'm Deborah Case, Artistic Director of Rio Grande Valley Ballet. Welcome to the 45th Anniversary of The Nutcracker - The Valley's Longest Running Show.Rio Grande Valley Ballet is a state chartered, non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization that was established in 1972 under the direction of Doria Avila. Upon Avila's retirement, he appointed Deborah Case as artistic director in 1993.

A Holiday Treat for the Whole Family
What better way to welcome the holidays than to share the wonderful experience of The Nutcracker with those you love? The excitement of a live show on stage, the dimming house lights, and the joy of a standing ovation!If you think ballet is boring, you haven't seen this show! Mice and tin soldiers battle on stage, toy dolls come to life to take dizzying leaps, and a troupe of Russian coszaks break into folk dances. Laughter, action and thrills join with the beauty of classical ballet in a performance made for the season.Every year we hear from parents who are excited to bring their children to The Nutcracker because they remember seeing our show when they were children. That's a real family tradition – one you'll cherish with those closest to you.

All student matinees sold out 

Thank you, Rio Grande Valley schools for coming to see our student matinees.